Save the world!

I’m making good progress porting the Sludge game engine to Mac OS.

Here’s what I’ve done since the last update: 

  • Saving and loading now works. (No snapshots yet, though.)
  • The engine is now resolution independent, and scales everything nicely. It also keeps the aspect ratio constant. (I still have a few checks to add to make downscaling safe.) I experimented a bit with a resizable window, but that was a bit too messy. I’ve read it might be better handled in SDL 1.3, though, so maybe it the future…
  • Cocoa integration. Now command+Q works properly, and errors pop up in nice cocoa alert panels. (Game selection is also done through cocoa, unless there is gamedata in the app package.)
  • Found and squashed two bugs. 

Now there are no known bugs left, but there are still unimplemented features that to the uninitiated may look like bugs. There are 24 TODOs left in the code. Biggest TODO is the lighting, which I still haven’t touched.

2 thoughts on “Save the world!

  1. Very cool!

    Any chance of seeing the dev kit ported to OSX as well? It’ll give me just the kick in the pants I need to work on another SLUDGE project… it’s been a while. 🙂

  2. My original plan was to only port the engine, but now I would like to mess around with the dev kit, too. There are things I’d like to do with it. There’s a lot of GUI stuff there, so it would require diving deeper into Cocoa and learning more about how to make a proper Mac app. (I still find Object C a bit strange.) Or use a cross platform GUI toolkit, but judging from what little I know about such things, I’d prefer the GUI to be native to each OS.

    We’ll see, once I get the engine done.

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