I’ve only done minor things with Sludge this week. (Done some small fixes, and changed how resolution is handled.) The rest of the remaining work will have to wait until I have the books I mentioned in my previous post.

Instead I have spent some time with Frasse. The original game, and not the sequel. When I release it for the Mac, it will be an updated game, and the area where I really want to update things in in the sound department. I want to use real instruments in the music. Here’s an example: The original version, and the updated one with a live trombone. The new version is far from perfect (I need to practice recording myself) and I’ll probably return to it again before the game is re-released, but I hope you’ll agree it’s an improvement anyway. I plan to do this all over the place, and also add other sounds.

3 thoughts on “Music!

  1. I, for one, DON’T think it’s easy at all. I enjoyed the music in Frasse. The ship building/getting-ready-to-sail music still makes me melancholy.
    I liked this “real trombone” one very much, particularly the last part. Liked the bird sounds, too. 😉
    There is a richness, a timbre, and natural and player-generated pitch variation you just don’t (usually) get from a synthesizer. It makes me feel even more in the forest with Frasse.

  2. Thanks. (The “bird sounds” were improvised in one single take on top of the music.)

    It is a bit frustrating to not get it as good as I want it. I think I should be able to play it better, but… Well, if I do manage to get it just the way I want it, I’ll have become a better musician in the process, so that’s a double win. Øystein Baadsvik even says that’s how he improved dramatically in his early playing.

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