A new game? Could it be?

Maybe, if everything goes well. I’m certainly seriously contemplating o get started on a new game. A musical.

A big inspiration is Deirdra Kiai, and her upcoming game Dominique Pamplemousse. Do check it out! It’s quite original, and looks as if it will be great. It also needs your help. It’s only halfway founded, with only eight days to go. For only $5 you’ll get a copy of the game, but if after looking at it (there’s a demo you can try out, too) you’re as excited about it as me, you’ll pick one of the higher support levels. Go there now and pledge your support! You can come back here and read the rest of the post when you’re done with that.

Ok, then. What about my game? I don’t have that much to say about it yet. I’m currently trying to improve SLUDGE, the game engine I used for Frasse, to improve the sound support (which obviously is quite important for a musical) and the animation system. I’ve also posted a call for voice actors on a voice actor’s forum. Once I have voice actors for the game (if you think I do things in an odd order, I try to explain why in the linked post) and I’ve made sure that the game engine will be useable for this (or, if that fails, pick another game engine to use), then I’ll start properly on the game design. It’ll be in my head in the meantime, and if you’re interested in being my co-designer (or even lead designer) on this project, let me know, and we’ll talk about it.

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