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Rocket Duel (version 1.11)


Rocket Duel is a game for two players on one computer (Mac or Windows), where you fly with your rocket and shoot a friend. Download it now! Instructions on how to play is included. Play it and tell me what you think! A playfield editor is also included (currently only in the Windows version).

Rated 8 of 10 at gametunnel!


System Requirements

* Windows 95 or later with DirectX 5 or later or MacOS X 10.4 or later.

* Pentium II 233MHz processor or faster - Mac version is a Universal Binary that runs on both Intel- and PowerPC-based Mac computers

* A graphics card capable of displaying thousands of colours in a 640x480 resolution.

* A sound card is nice to have, and will increase the enjoyment, but is not required.

* A mouse is not(!) required, and I doubt it will help you play the game if you do have one. I don't think rodents have the intelligence needed to be good opponents.

* A friend, to use as an opponent instead of a mouse.


What's new?

New in version 1.11 (2007-07-20)

* First version for MacOS X!
* Improved CPU usage.
* Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when watching the credits.

Version 1.10 (2003-06-04)

* Uses high colour mode instead of 256. Updated visuals are all over the place, including some new effects.
* Improved map. Now it may actually be useful.

Version 1.02 (2002-12-13)

* A completely new playfield: "Bassoon and Clarinet"
* Cleaned up some more graphics (surreal, swamp and christmas).
* Added an installer/uninstaller program.

Version 1.01 (2002-10-01)

* Fixed a small bug.

Version 1.00 (2002-09-30)

* Cleaned up graphics and music.
* Sheep CtF improved.

The complete list of updates...

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Rikard Peterson