Download the Rocket Duel


Download the file below and run it to install the game Rocket Duel. Instructions on how to play are included in the download. Please tell me what you think of it! Even if you think it’s a bad game – let me know! If you write me, I can also notify you of updates, if you want. A playfield editor is included in the Windows download.

MacOS X version (v. 1.11): Raketduellen.dmg

Windows version (v. 1.10): Raketinstall.exe

Have fun!

/ Rikard

3 thoughts on “Download the Rocket Duel

  1. Still an amazing game, but why do so few notice it?
    I love the mix of shooting and capture-the-flag modes

  2. To answer your question, Robert: Most people aren’t interested in a two-player game with no network support or AI options. And I’m not sure I got the difficulty balance right either – it certainly lacks polish.

    But I’m really glad you enjoyed my silly little game! Thank you for letting me know!

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