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Hi, and welcome to my site!

My hobby is to make computer games, so you can download the games I’ve made freely.

Frasse and the Peas of Kejick was made with the adventure game engineĀ SLUDGE, made by Tim Furnish. SLUDGE is both freeware and open source (written in mostly C), and I’ve made it run on Mac OS X in addition to Windows.

The programming of Rocket Duel was done in the C language. I used the cross platform game library Allegro. For a list of games made with Allegro (and more info on Allegro), visit { Allegro CC }. You might find something you’ll like there. There are many games listed, and more are coming all the time. (Some are good!)

Comments are welcome! I want to hear from you both if you like my games, and if you hate them.

Rikard Peterson

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