Post AdventureX thoughts

This is not the first time that I find myself thinking about game making, and more specifically about if making makes is something I want to do. A few days ago (to be specific, it’s soon three weeks ago), I attended AdventureX in London, which was great. I listened to all the talks, and didn’t regret any of them. (They are posting video on Youtube, and I plan to revisit several of the talks. I haven’t watched the videos yet, but I can recommend the talks by Sally Beaumont and Jon Ingold in particular as being worthwhile. I have a few pages of notes.) So that was a great way to spend my 40th birthday.

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A new game? Could it be?

Maybe, if everything goes well. I’m certainly seriously contemplating o get started on a new game. A musical.

A big inspiration is Deirdra Kiai, and her upcoming game Dominique Pamplemousse. Do check it out! It’s quite original, and looks as if it will be great. It also needs your help. It’s only halfway founded, with only eight days to go. For only $5 you’ll get a copy of the game, but if after looking at it (there’s a demo you can try out, too) you’re as excited about it as me, you’ll pick one of the higher support levels. Go there now and pledge your support! You can come back here and read the rest of the post when you’re done with that.

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Making a game in two weeks

I’m going to try and make a game in two weeks. Not only that, I’m going to make it in a programming language I’ve never used before. The reason for that is a challenge by Jacqueline A. Lott (a name you may recognise from the list of beta testers in Frasse): Indigo New Language Speed IF. The rules require, among other things, that the game is made in a language new to the author, and I’m going with Inform 7.

Games are to be finished by the end of the month, and will be played through at Club Floyd. (I can recommend a visit to Club Floyd in general if you like playing Interactive Fiction. It’s fun.)