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This won’t become a habit. At least I don’t intend to fill this site with random useless bloggery just because it’s now in a blog format. Having it not update every week doesn’t bother me, so I won’t be writing random stuff here just because I bought a new kind of pizza today. (Which I did, but I won’t tell you about that.)

Having said that, I have been tagged in one of those blog things, and decided to play along this time. These kinds of things can be fun sometimes. If you find it boring, please stop reading now and move on to something else. So here’s some answers to some questions:


5 Things Found In Your Bag

The bag I’ll look into is my MacBook-bag, but since I’m typing this on said computer, it’s not to be found there.

  • The Double Reed, vol 30 no 4. It’s the quarterly journal of the International Double Reed Society. I’m a member.
  • Some sheet music. (Ellington’s Caravan in an arragement for brass quintet by Øystein Baadsvik.)
  • An Owner’s Manual for my Zendrum.
  • A copy of Illustrerad Vetenskap (a popular science magazine) that I bought once on a ferry when I was bored.
  • Some CDs. I may return to that topic if I make more posts under the bloggery topic in the future. Let’s just say that they’re probably not found in any top seller lists anywhere, but they’re great.


5 Favourite Things In Your Room

I’m sitting in my kitchen at the moment, so I’ll pick five things in here.

  • An E-flat tuba.
  • A freezer. (That’s a great invention.)
  • Pasta.
  • Paper.
  • A music stand.


5 Things You Have Always Wanted To Do

Five things I’ve always wanted to do? That I don’t know. I don’t even know if I could think up five things that I haven’t done that I’d like to do. Most things I’d like to do are related to things I have done or am doing.


5 Things You Are Currently Into

Listing five things I’m into isn’t easy (how could I get the time to be into five things?), but here’s an attempt at some kind of list of things I’m working on. If it looks ambitious and focused, it’s only because I couldn’t think of better things to write.

  • Becoming better at playing the musical instruments I play.
  • Becoming better at my job.
  • Becoming a better musician.
  • Frasse 2.
  • Becoming a better person. (That’s beyond my skill level, but I try, and pray for help.)


5 People You Want To Tag

I choose not to tag anyone. If you read this and want to tag yourself, feel free.


So, there it is. My first “bloggery” blog post. More will probably follow, but not in any sort of regular fashion.

2 thoughts on “Some bloggery

  1. You did it! Thanks Rikard, I appreciate your graciousness in responding to my bloggery tag! Hah! You’re officially a WordPress geek now! 🙂 And it achieved my objective in tagging you—we get to learn more about the man behind the Frasse.
    Your bag: already curious about those CDs. Guess I have to wait until you’re feeling bloggery again.
    Your room: You have a tuba in your kitchen? Not in the freezer I hope. What if you were to get pasta in it? And a music stand. You must practice in there.
    Wanted to do: So you’re not one who’s always wanted to go skydiving, or something like that…
    Into: All very worthy, and I would think you are succeeding.
    Thanks again, I very much enjoyed reading this. {not sure I’ll be able to sleep, though, for wondering what kind of pizza you had 😉 )

  2. No, I don’t practice in the kitchen. Usually, I don’t even practice at home. I use my room at work for that. The reason for the tuba in the kitchen was that I was going to play it in a service today with the brass band in which I play. (And it’s in a hard case, so no pasta gets in there.)

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