More music

The special edition of Frasse is coming along nicely, and I may still be able to meet my deadline of releasing it before the end of this week. (But it’s also possible that I won’t – there’s still a lot to be done.)

Today I’ve spent some time on a piece of music from Frasse. This time it’s a piece from the last part of the game, so if you’re afraid of minor spoilers, read no further.It’s the music playing in the princess’ room, and this is what it sounds like in the released game: Flute Concert (old version) Here’s what it will sound like (unless I change it further) in the Special Edition: Flute Concert (new version). I think you’ll agree that it sounds a lot better, even though it’s almost exactly the same notes, and it’s still played by a computer.

Update: Oops. Encoding it to MP3 caused both versions to lose clarity, so I’ve now re-uploaded them in higher bitrate.

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