It’s a lot of snow in Sweden this winter. So far, it’s been more than usual for this time of year. Today, the temperature was a bit milder, so that the snow could be made into shapes. Obviously, this led to me making my first snow “men” this year. (But not the first this winter.) There are pictures below!

A photo of a snowman

Me, and my first snowman of the year

You can click these later images to see larger pictures. They look better.

My dragon

The second snow creature I made was a dragon.

I’m pretty happy with how this dragon turned out. Snow is fun!

My dragon

Here’s the dragon from another angle.

A female snow man

And finally, a snow woman

I didn’t get much else done today. A bit of tuba playing, and a bit of packing (I’m leaving my parents tomorrow, to go back home. Christmas is more or less over now.), and that’s it. But it was worth it!

The snow woman from another angle

Note the icy nose.

Snow woman in the dark

I took a few more pictures after it got dark

Snow woman and house

Here she is, standing next to the guest house.

Snow woman in the dark

She looks a bit scary.

The snow man in the dark

The snow man in the dark.

The dragon

The dragon in the dark.

The dragon

The dragon is guarding my sister’s shop.

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