Adventure Jamming again

So I took part in the Adventure Jam 2019, but this time my team wasn’t able to finish the game. My part was to do the music, so I’m now uploading the music that I made here instead.

First we have the main theme: “Alone on My Spaceship”
“Not Alone Anymore”
Fight music
The first version of the fight music, which we found didn’t really work in that context.

The jam didn’t work out this time, due to lack of time I think, but I got some music done in that limited time, and I’m pretty happy with it. I would have been able to do better with more time, of course, but one major point of this kind of jam is that the time should be limited.

I would very much like to make more games, but at the moment I’m limiting that game making to music. Let me know if you want to make something together! Or maybe you know where to find a team making a game that would like a musician on their team? Please let me know in the comments!

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