Post AdventureX thoughts – part 2: jam

I’ve made music for a jam game! This time, the jam was AdvXJam and the game The Letter. It was fun. Last time I posted some “Post AdventureX thoughts” was two years ago after I had attended AdventureX in London, as a way of celebrating my 40th birthday. This post is a follow-up to that one.

I ended that post saying that I’d like to make more games, but that I don’t think I’ll make another game on my own. I wondered if I’m able to make things good enough that other people might want to have my things (specifically, my music) in their game.

Since then, I’ve started a Youtube channel. I have several reasons for making music videos. The biggest reason is that I find it fun. Another big reason is to learn. A way to add some goals to my practising, and also learning to record my playing. The more I’m improving my skills, the likelier it is that I eventually will get to be a part of that soundtrack I’m hoping for.

This autumn, things have actually happened. A month ago, Simon Christiansen contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in making a theme song for his game Death off the Cuff, which I’d previously done some illustrations for, as the game will be getting a Steam release and he wanted to add something extra to it. I was delighted to accept.

Music I actually got to write for a good game!

And then this year’s AdventureX became a jam instead of a convention (because it’s 2020). I ended up on a team, and got to write six small pieces of music in the space of two weeks. Go play the game, but here is also the complete soundtrack:

The Letter: Intro music
The Letter: Home (more of my poor piano playing)
The Letter: Ice Skating (brass quintet – originally written with the intention of having the game designer’s son on the trumpet, but that didn’t happen)
The Letter: The Pub (I started out with the intention of doing something like an Irish jig, but then it went elsewhere…)
The Letter: At the Council
The Letter: End Credits

As I’ve already written, I enjoyed doing this. Still hoping to eventually be part of a “real” (i.e. not made in a jam) game, but that doesn’t seem completely unrealistic. While looking for a team for the jam, I found two different awesome people saying that they would be interested in doing something together in the future. If something comes of that remains to be seen, but the main thing is that I believe that they were sincere when they said they liked what I’ve done.

What happens in the future remains to be seen. Until I get to work on a game, I’ll continue practising to become a better musician, and I will continue making music videos for my YouTube channel. I have two videos planned, that I have started practising on, and a big list of tunes that would be interesting and fun to do…

3 thoughts on “Post AdventureX thoughts – part 2: jam

  1. Do Frasse and Cassie (I think that was her name) live happily ever after? Does she ever become human again?

  2. Hi, and thanks for your interest, but an answer to that is too long to answer in a comment here. I’ll write a new blog post…

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