Some bloggery

This won’t become a habit. At least I don’t intend to fill this site with random useless bloggery just because it’s now in a blog format. Having it not update every week doesn’t bother me, so I won’t be writing random stuff here just because I bought a new kind of pizza today. (Which I did, but I won’t tell you about that.)

Having said that, I have been tagged in one of those blog things, and decided to play along this time. These kinds of things can be fun sometimes. If you find it boring, please stop reading now and move on to something else.  Continue reading

Making art for others

I’ve been too busy lately to get much done on either my new game or my porting of SLUDGE to the Mac (neither project is abandoned), but I have been making some quick art for others.

First is the Cover Art Drive for interactive fiction run by Emily Short. I made a cover for one of my favourite games of all categories: Augmented Fourth. It got accepted by the author and is now the official cover art for the game. How cool is that!

Another game I’m currently making some graphics for is Deirdra Kiai’s new project. She’s collecting graphics in different styles that she are going to put together into a game. It may sound crazy, but I think she can pull it off so I’m halfway through making a contribution.

Both projects have deadlines of last April (more or less).