You can run, and now you can also hide!

Sludge progress update:

The z-buffer now (almost) works! All my tests work great except the Interview. I suspect it may be due to the high number of layers used there, but I don’t know. (If I had known, the bug would have been fixed already.)

Edit: Now I know, and now it’s fixed!

I’ve also fixed the bug that was keeping some music silent, so all sound should now work properly.

…and some actual progress!

I’ve now spent some time with Sludge, which means that text now comes in different colours (though it may be a bit too bright – will test some more), speech stays on the screen (I don’t know when I happened to introduce that bug, but now I’ve fixed it), mixOverlay works properly (it was ridiculously easy), and I fixed a small problem that was remaining with pasted sprites.

This means that the following small test programs work as they should (unless I’ve missed something): Continue reading

Another progress update…

…or maybe a “lack-of-progress” update. Since my last comment on my last post, I haven’t done anything with either Frasse or Sludge. Time, you know, and so on. I wrote in my last update that expected to get some things done in the week before Easter. True, I have had time to program, and I have gotten things done, but those things have been in another area: I have a brother who is a farmer, and I have helped him with his site where he sells sheep fells. (The site is in Swedish only.)

But you can rest assured that I will return to both Sludge and Frasse. Neither is abandoned. Maybe I’ll get some things done tomorrow…

Happy Easter!