On Game Making Collaborations

.I don’t recall what started it, but today I got thinking on the topic of collaboration in game making. Although I’ve made some attempts at it, the two complete games I’ve made so far have been solo efforts. (I’m not forgetting all the people that made my games possible: Tool programmers, beta testers, voice actors and so on. I’m very grateful for what they’ve done. I couldn’t have done it without them, but I still count both Frasse and Rocket Duel as solo projects.)

My first attempt (in 2002) at making a game with the SLUDGE adventure game engine was a collaboration. Continue reading

What I’m doing this summer

It’s time for another status update.

Since my last progress update, I’ve been busy. First with work: End of the semester and such. Not much time for anything else. After that, I went to the south of Sweden for a week to play and learn more about Jazz and World Music. (Yes, that’s me in the picture with a cornet in hand, trying some livelooping.) Great fun, and inspiring. (Some sound clips from the course are also available at the site I linked to, in case you’re curious. It’s me trying an improvised cornet solo in the middle of the Arabian 7/8, and playing the bassoon in the Tango.)

But now I onec again have time for a bit of programming, and am making progress. Continue reading

Some bloggery

This won’t become a habit. At least I don’t intend to fill this site with random useless bloggery just because it’s now in a blog format. Having it not update every week doesn’t bother me, so I won’t be writing random stuff here just because I bought a new kind of pizza today. (Which I did, but I won’t tell you about that.)

Having said that, I have been tagged in one of those blog things, and decided to play along this time. These kinds of things can be fun sometimes. If you find it boring, please stop reading now and move on to something else.  Continue reading